RedOcean, a merger of companies with technology 4.0 on the horizon

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Technology in companies can help overcome the challenges of the increasingly modern and competitive market. The new contexts in which we live have made the competitiveness of organizations increase exponentially, with the quality of communication, service, and offers being increasingly understood to win over the public.

To comply with all these requirements, companies need to respond immediately to market innovations, initiate more agile and assertive internal processes, in addition to optimizing their resources to make their products or services more competitive.

Therefore, when working on digital transformation, it is important to have the support of specialists and 360º solutions. The companies MaxiPC, Visar- Consultores Associados and Red Ocean decided to join forces and create the latest Technology 4.0 company, which will be presented commercially as Red Ocean. ( ), a technology consultancy that focuses on customer needs, using creativity and cutting-edge technology to make a positive impact on business.

With Solutions with a strong focus on Digital Transformation for Industry, Commerce and Services, there are specialized consulting and technology services in information systems, designing and implementing innovative technological solutions that allow organizations to optimize processes and simplify their way of working, making it more efficient and dynamic. It has services such as Website Creation, Online Stores, Custom Software, Digital Marketing, Hardware, Public Accounting and Software, unique in the country. The company has a team of warm-up specialists who are eager to do more and better. You can find out more on the company’s website.

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