Programming and control Management: A2M among Horizon Consulting Partners

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An innovative service through a strategic-global approach. The need of companies to receive strategic, financial, managerial and fiscal consultancy from a single structure prompted Antonio Arzuffi to create A2M in 2014, a partner of Horizon Consulting specialized in the sector of management planning and control.

A2M is able to guarantee small and medium-sized enterprises complete support, at 360 degrees, with regard to company performance through a series of services such as the proposal of suitable solutions, the elaboration of control reports and tax strategies, the analysis of the market and of the suitable sources of financing for the business.

Through careful analysis, A2M offer a complete and personalized service to companies that require assistance and professional activity. A tailor-made process, followed step by step by qualified professionals, which takes care of various aspects of the business.

An activity that stands out for the continuous support to the entrepreneur and company management in the processes of defining medium and long-term objectives and short-term operational programs; the representation of the corporate objectives in the asset, economic and financial aspects, through the preparation and periodic review of the corporate budget and business plan; continuous monitoring of the company’s economic, equity and financial situation and search for the optimal structure in relation to the environmental context, the characteristics of the company and the operating sector; the introduction of corporate reporting systems focused on the critical and development areas of the company.

The area of intervention in which A2M operates therefore concerns various fields of the financial area: from planning and management control to treasury, financial planning and programming up to corporate and management consultancy.

From 2014 to today, A2M has expanded the package of services offered to customers, meeting the needs of the market. An offer that satisfies the requests of small and medium-sized companies operating in Italy and having branches in the Czech Republic and Poland.

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