Gamification as a recruiting tool – Circular no. 2 “April Newsletter”

By Sandro Guidi
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Our goal is to help entrepreneurs from all over Europe look further forward to achieve top-level results and performance. For this reason, we report the main tax, legal and business news implemented in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland,  and Romania. The aim is to update our clients with all the opportunities offered by the different states to be competitive in a globalized economic environment.


Poland – Gamification as a recruiting tool

Companies are going through a period of great transformation and change. The way of living and understanding work is changing, indeed it has already changed definitely and irreversibly.

Gamification is an excellent way to bridge the gap in a transformed World, playing the role of glue between technology, innovation and change behaviour and ensure that company and employees objectives coincide.

But what is gamification that we hear so much about? The term, as you can easily guess, derives from the word “game” and it is an extremely effective tool capable of conveying various types of messages and inducing active behaviours in the user. In short, gamification allows you to use the game in contexts where it is not normally expected, simplifying multiple activities.

Gamification can be applied in various areas of the business and with regards to the HR sphere and recruitment, some of the most common applications include the use of games specially designed to evaluate candidates, the introduction of quizzes and game-related activities for support the development of internal talent and the formation of a united team.

„Recruiting gamification” is a fresh, interactive and structured at the same time, completely a new approach.

For example, the solution adopted by T-System Hungary, part of the international IT giant T-Service, is interesting. The gaming platform called “I KNOW IT” allows candidates to be tested by offering them an interactive and engaging environment to demonstrate their skills within the four macro-areas of service (desk, support / operation, testing and project management). The platform analyses the results and provides candidates with useful feedback and, at the same time, relieves the company from reading thousands of CVs through a first automatic screening that speeds up the process and cuts costs. The human resources department later contacts the best “players” for a classic interview.

There are several advantages deriving from the introduction of this approach in the HR field as follows:

  1. Evaluation of real skills: the selection is increasingly aimed at testing the concrete potential of candidates who have fallen into real situations that could arise in everyday working life,
  2. Better results in shorter times: an innovative and still little exploited method that makes use of the unique techniques of gamification intrigues and captures the interest of a greater number of candidates than traditional selection methods.
  3. Engagement and experimentation: thanks to gamification, the candidate has more opportunities to impress the recruiter by putting himself to the test and immediately demonstrating what his real skills are.

On the one hand, value is added to the candidate experience: candidates have fun even in such a delicate phase as that of the first interview, and therefore of the first impact, and quickly understand their strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, companies save time and resources in their CV evaluation process and, by looking at the information that emerged during the game, they are able to identify the ideal candidate more easily and in much less time.


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