THE INTERVIEW – Horizon in Portugal with Mr. Cardoso

By Alessandro De Felice
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What’s your deal? Could you tell us about your business?
Visar was created in 1998 with to help companies and entrepreneurs in the ​​business management through a personalized, integrated and planned service. Our main goal is full customer satisfaction, through the philosophy of “Global Business Solutions” and personalized service. Visar team is established by highly qualified professionals and their skills cover the different sectors of activity We intend to reinforce our positioning, through the continuous improvement of the services and develop a sustained growth.


Which services do you provide?
As I told Visar philosophy is “Global Business Solutions” so we provide services that help companies from their creation to their sustained growth. We provide services like consulting, accounting, digital marketing, financial incentives, insurance, taxation and training services.


What is the current situation in your business sector? Which are the perspectives?
Our sector is currently going through major changes and at the same time new challenges. This is caused by the different technological and technical approaches required to support companies and their needs. We believe that a 360º degree service is important for the business, for us a tax professional has to know about marketing, logistics, strategy, management as a whole to present global solutions. The challenge is exactly finding professionals with the necessary skills to perform this new role. We are already trained ours for this purpose.


When and how did you know Horizon? What made you decide to be part of it?
We heard about Horizon 2 years ago, on a project developed by students from the IPAM university in Portugal who presented Horizon as a possibility for Visar’s Internationalization strategy. Then we talked to Moreti who introduced to Horizon and it seemed to fit in our goals and we integrated Horizon in 2020.


How important is teamwork with Horizon professionals?
For us the teamwork with Horizon professionals is very important, recently we met in Budapest for a very interesting Exchange of experiences and opinions that allowed us to take important decisions for the next year.


In your opinion, can cooperation between countries with companies operating in several countries be the trump card to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic?

Yes, each country adapted differently to the measures imposed by the pandemic, for example in Portugal the government launched different financial assistance for each business area, so it became our mission to help companies obtain this support. In other countries, the financial assistance was different, this show us the importance of this cooperation, as it allows us to have a vision of how things are done in different countries.


What are Horizon’s growth margins and what objectives can it achieve?

We believe that Horizon still has plenty of space to grow, reach other countries and become one of the most recognized network in Europe. With the know-how and contacts of all Horizon partners we can help a lot of entrepreneurs from all over Europe to to achieve top level results and performance.


What do you think about Horizon’s activities, such as meetings between professionals and the organization of events (for example the webinar)?

For us, the Horizon activities are extremely important, as they are a way for us to be in constant learning and to keep in touch with our Horizon colleagues. This type of activities, such as webinars and meetings with other professionals, was something that Visar have always invested in and that we have been developing several of these activities in recent years. They allow us to open up our horizons and get to know other realities as well.


What is the real strength of Horizon in your business sector, and the advantages for professionals who turn to you?

For us the real strenght of Horizon is the possibility to help our clients to internationalize their companies and manage to grow their businesses across borders. We also seek to help Horizon by offering the possibility for foreign companies to have specialized assistance if they want to do business in Portugal.

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