The recovery pushes the M&A market of Italian companies

By Mario Moretti
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The recovery of the economy, linked to progress in the vaccination campaign and reopening, is also being felt on the Italian M&A market, which is once again racing.

For those who have been able to withstand the bad year of Covid, and keep good financial liquidity on hand, the time has opened for investments to strengthen and grow their production chains. In the first 9 months of 2021, 817 transactions were closed in Italy (+ 30% compared to 628 in September 2020) for approximately 71 billion euros, compared to 29 billion last year (+ 144%). According to OECD estimates, Italy’s economic growth in 2021 will be 5.9% and will then settle at 4.1% in 2022. In our country there is a climate of confidence, reopening and economic recovery after 18 very complex months.

The data on “cross border” transactions is also important to foreign countries; Italian investors are returning to make acquisitions abroad, with 144 transactions closed in 9 months for a value of around 45 billion euros. Positive signs also in the ‘Abroad to Italy’ direction with investors returning to trust in our country: in fact, 243 transactions were recorded (+ 54.8% compared to 9 months 2020) for a value of 10 billion euros. Surely a solid government and the approval of the NRP help to create a positive environment for investments in our country and foster the trust of entrepreneurs and investors. There is no doubt that the NRP has contributed and will contribute following its full implementation to improve the competitiveness of our companies by pushing towards internationalization and favoring economic recovery and certainly as a logical consequence also the development of M&A operations. The Pnrr will also benefit SMEs by allowing them to operate in a more suitable and competitive economic, legal, administrative and infrastructural fabric to allow these excellences to compete more easily on the markets where they operate. Horizon Consulting supports the company in the internationalization process through the activity carried out by the subsidiary Overpartners and with its partners operating in the legal, tax and HR areas in 12 different countries.

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